Phibrows are a hyper-realistic technique of drawing eyebrows manually using micro-blading, carried out by our qualified Phibrow artist, Siobhan. It is one of the most popular treatments in our salon.

Phibrows is a manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. The shape of the eyebrows is calculated according to the golden intersection and face morphology.

The Phibrow consultation is carried out at the start of the treatment. At this stage, we discuss eyebrow design and desired results.

The technique is intended for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to correct the aesthetic problems of their eyebrows.


Clients around the world choose the Phi brand because they know that everyone who holds a Phi Academy certificate went through hard and professional training. The quality and precision of Phi techniques are internationally recognizable.

Phi products are famous for containing the cleanest pigments and do not cause allergies, which is why they are the first choice for clients around the world. They are also famous for constantly improving the beauty industry trends thanks to the revolutionary ideas they were built on.


PhiBrows Microblading is a hyperrealistic technique of drawing eyebrows manually (using microblading). PhiBrows is one of the most popular beauty treatments today thanks to the range of benefits it provides to the clients.

Properly drawn eyebrows make a person undoubtedly more attractive. Besides saving you time for drawing eyebrows every day, PhiBrows Microblading treatment has a strong impact on self-esteem in various situations when the make-up can be erased. In the rain, at the seaside, or during exercising: clients who use PhiBrows Microblading technique never have to fear that their makeup will melt off. With this treatment, clients get eyebrows that last between one and two years.


Phibrows Consultation- €50.00

First Hair Stroke Treatment & Top Up- €250.00