Ultraceuticals believe in healthy radiant skin can be achieved by everyone. Ultraceuticals products have been developed to ensure optimal skin results for our customers whilst balancing this with ingredients that are environmentally considerate where possible. like all other cosmetic products sold in the European market should be, our products and ingredients are also not tested on animals.

Ultraceuticals is available solely where trained skincare advisors can provide professional recommendations

Ultraceuticals Professional Treatment

One Hour Treatment

Radiance & Glow

  • €80
  • Suitable for pigmented, blotchy and uneven skin

Peel based treatment to increase hydration levels in the skin, improves the skins barrier and accelerates desquamation. This treatment increases the collagen and elastin fibres and helps suppress melanin formation.

Mattifty & Clear

  • €80
  • Suitable for oily, congested and acne prone skin

Peel based treatment that targets skin congestion, oils and sebum secretion. It helps reduce Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation(PIH), helps refine and minimise pores.

Hydrate & Firm

  • €80
  • Suitable for dull, tired and ageing skin

Peel based treatment shown to accelerate skin exfoliation and helps diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and improves hydration. Lactic Acid increases support in the skin creating plumpness and dewiness.