Dermalogica The Ultimate Cleansing Kit

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Dermalogica The Ultimate Cleansing Kit


Our cleansing and exfoliating heroes paired with the iconic LUNA™ mini 2 cleansing device to achieve clean, smooth, vibrant skin.

Kit contains: Special Cleansing Gel 250ml, Daily Milkfoliant 74g, FOREO Luna™ Mini 2 cleansing device.

Special Cleansing Gel: Dermalogica’s #1 selling cleanser, globally. Soap-free, foaming gel cleanses all skin conditions and gently rinses away toxins and debris to leave skin feeling smooth and clean.

Daily Milkfoliant: Calming vegan exfoliating powder polishes skin while supporting the skin’s moisture barrier. Regular exfoliant helps achieve softer, smoother, more vibrant skin.

LUNA™ mini 2 by FOREO: The ultra-hygienic T-Sonic™ facial cleansing device provides a deep yet gentle cleanse, with 8 adjustable massage intensities. Suitable for all skin types, the compact 3-zone brush can do it all, removing 99.5%* of dirt, oil & makeup residue and massaging skin for a healthy glow in just



Step 1 – special cleansing gel

  • Gently lather a small amount of gel in moistened hands and apply to dampened face and neck.

Step 2 – LUNA™ mini 2

  • Wet the LUNA™ mini 2 and turn on by pressing the centre button.
  • Try spending around 15 seconds cleansing each zone of your face. After this interval, the indicator will flash and pulsations will pause momentarily.
  • Massage your chin and cheek using circular movements and repeat on the other side.
  • Starting from the centre, massage your forehead with gentle outward circular strokes.
  • Massage the nose by gliding up and down one side, then the other.
  • Delicately massage the under-eye region using outward strokes. We suggest reducing the pulsation intensity.
  • Rinse and dry your face to complete the 1-minute cleansing routine.

Step 3 – daily milkfoliant

  • Dispense into wet hands and create a creamy lather.
  • Massage onto face avoiding the eye area.
  • Rinse with warm water.

Foreo LUNA™ mini 2

The LUNA™ mini 2 marks a revolution in facial cleansing, combining FOREO’s groundbreaking T-Sonic™ pulsations with an innovative silicone brush design for a deeper and gentler cleanse. When channeled through smooth, silicone touch-points, T-Sonic™ massaging pulsations remove blemish-causing impurities significantly more effectively than washing by hand, leaving skin clearer and brighter. Deep cleansing unblocks pores and reduces their appearance, refining and smoothing your skin’s texture.

Suitable for all skin types, the LUNA™ mini 2’s 3-zone brush features thinner touch-points to gently cleanse sensitive or dry skin and thicker touch-points for precision cleansing on the front, and broad touch-points to refresh oilier skin on the back.

Materials: Body-safe silicone & ABS

Colour: Aquamarine

Size: 75 x 80 x 28.5 mm

Weight: 67 g

Battery: Li-ion 420 mAh 3.7 V

Charging: 60 min


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